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For those who do not get it, a Kiwi cannot fly. In this vid the kiwi is pretending to fly so that it can die happy. Okay, I have just spoilt this video for alot of people by explaining it. haha.

Leaving on Friday morning so you might hear from me on this blog one more time tomorrow if I can find the time. Okay. For now, Bye Bye. And a very very blessed Christmas to all. Remember its…

CHRISTmas. So its allll about Christ. ((: God bless!!













Date of Purchase: 23/11/06

Brand: Route 66

Size: 38 (6/5)

Cost Price: $19.90

Selling Price: $18.90

Amount of time worn: 20 minutes (hahaha)

Reason for selling: Too small for my feet. (I can’t belive I am such a bad shopper!!)

Flaws: No noticeable flaws. (I have perfect eyesight okay!!)

If  you are interested please leave name, email address, price willing to pay and I will get back to you ASAP.







Size: 38 (about 6 or 7)

Cost price: $52

Selling price: $20 (less than half price!!!)

Amount of time worn: 4-5 hours.

Reason for selling: Not my style. Too-office/party like for my style.

Flaws: Miniscule scratches on the toe of right shoe (visible in top picture). Small cracks on inner sides of shoes due to bending when walking. (can be fixed with a thin coat of nail varnish)

If interested, please leave a note of your name, email address, bidding price and I will get back to you ASAP.

I have made my decision to go to poly and study nursing. It is a big step. But you know what? I just have to follow Him and listen to his still, small voice. It has been a wonderful past few days of relaxation. So far I have been out shopping twice and out for a few meals. Spending today soaking in the relaxing atmosphere of home. Haha. I borrowed Ali’s football for tomorrow. But we decided to call tomorrow’s outing to Sentosa off. Smart move I think because it is most probably going to rain anyway. But my visit to COOS with Prisca doesn’t change. I am having an online selling thing. I will publish some photos and information up here in a while. Tell me if you want the stuff. Of course it is based on the highest bidder or first come first serve basis. Oh well, I am going to end here. Love to you all.


I guess it is pretty much over. History paper was a flop. Didn’t expect it to be so bad. But then, who’s to blame?! No one but my silly old self. Simply put, I landed myself in this mess. I studied all the wrong topics and all the topics I didn’t study came out. What was I to do but blabber my way through the paper.

Ever had that feeling where you’re so frustrated you want to cry yet at the same time you don’t want to cry for some unfounded reason? Well, there you go. That’s pretty much how I feel. It is at times like this that I don’t want to try for JC. No point really explaining myself. I’ve ridden this train of thoughts so many times that it makes me sick.

In the exam hall I glided through the questions. No panicky feelings overwhelmed me. Rather, a peace that is indescribable filled me. However, before you say to yourself ‘Oh, that’s good! Amy felt peaceful.((:‘, let me explain the ideas this ‘peace‘ put in this shrivelled up mind of mine. This voice inside me said, ‘Why panic? You’re gonna do badly anyway. Look at your paper! It’s humanities, my dear girl. Since when have you ever done well? Come on. Don’t need to kid yourself. You’ve never done well in humanities. Just finish writing your candy-floss answer and chill.’ Yes. So my paper really puked. I really died in my mind. What to do? move on and maybe, just maybe, I might come to a decision today.

 Let’s look at this the bright side: HISTORY IS OVER!!!! big time. haha. Yes, that is good. But you know what? I still feel God is with me. Even if this paper was a flop and made my stomach flip. haha. He was with me all through the paper. And that ‘peace‘? That was God keeping me safe in the storm. Now you ask, ‘then where was that voice inside of you from?’ Well my dear friend, that was me. That was my pride. Ironic it may seem. But that was my pride trying to pry my attention of the peace away from the real giver to saying the peace was made by my incompetence. Maybe you don’t quite get me.

 And yes, just like the song I was singing before I left home for the exams,

I don’t know
About tomorrow
I just live from day to day
And I don’t borrow from its sunshine
For its skies may turn to gray
And I don’t worry about my future
For I know what Jesus said
And today He walks beside me
For He knows what lies ahead
Many things about tomorrow
I don’t seem to understand
But I know who holds tomorrow
And I know who holds my hand’

I guess that’s it really. Regardless of what the world throws at me I must continues to ‘fix myeyes upon Jesus, the author and perfecter of my faith, who for the joy set before him, endured the cross, scorning its shame and sat at the right hand of God.’ Hebrews 12:2.

 Love loads,


I am losing it. Seriously. PAE (provisional admission exercise) is fast approaching and I still have not decided what to do with my life. I keep asking God but the replies I get are similar to letters caught in the rain. It is just that I keep getting mixed responses. I seem to hear his still and quiet voice and then this loud booming voice from the world attempts, and almost succeeds, to make me deaf as it drowns out his words.

 Everyone else around me seems to have decided and are laying back watching the world zoom by. I, on the other hand, am teetering on a curb that balances me between the roaring traffic of the expressway and the humongous monsoon drain looming behind me. For now I am precariously picking my way through this journey and saving my sanity by the skin of my teeth. Why can’t my life be just as simple: clear straight road with legible road signs.

I guess we never will stop having to make decisions. Like I told a few people by now, I am hovering between the familiar path of Junior College, with a relatively more sheltered life, and that of Poly with umpteen more decisions lining up for my mind to find its way around.

 Please, God. All I am asking for is a clear sign as to what you want me to do. You said Ask, and it will be given you. Seek, and you will find. Knock, and it will be opened for you.For everyone who asks receives. He who seeks finds. To him who knocks it will be opened.” Matthew7;7,8
  And I have been seeking, asking and knocking. Please? If I have been doing anything wrong like knocking on the wrong door, please tell me. I was told that if I made the right decision I would feel your peace. But God, please make that peace clear to me. All I want to do is your will. But you and I know that I can’t do it unless it is revealed. Wait, I must walk by faith and not by sight. ARGH!!! HELPP!!!!!

One more down and three to go. Yes, I am counting down. I have no idea how much better this blog will be but I guess I just wanted a change. Something simpler with a cleaner look. Just watch out, I’ll probably get bored in a while and switch back. Or maybe not.

About 2 weeks before we leave for a well deserved holiday to the UK. Sad really that we cannot share our first Christmas in LWMC with the friends we have made there. But looking at it this way, we have many many more Christmases  in LWMC to celebrate.

Been browsing through my list of friends on friendster and ‘visiting’ the people I have not talked to in eons lick Amoz, Amanda and Leanne. Nothing much to say now ebcause my brain seems to be stalled. Yes, I am sitting in front of this computer with an absolutely empty brain that has been drained of all its contents. Actually, I hope that isn’t the case cos I still have more exams coming my way.

 Okay you can now tell that my verbal diahorrea has set in. Better get moving.