I am really drained. I haven’t been spending sufficient time with God. It is thought that holidays away from the humdrum of everyday life poses the opportunity to draw closer to God. But I feel my laziness has taken its toll and I am using my spare time to read other not-so-important reading material. Please pray that I will have the discipline to spend time with God. Even then, I must say that these past weeks or so has been rather refreshing likened to the splashing of iced water on ones weary face.

Food has been fantastic weather at home, Chipstead, or outside in a restaurant of nursing home.The weather has been chilled with temperatures below 10 degrees most of the time. Liz is arriving tomorrow at about quarter past six in the morning.I am starting to miss the humidity and familiarity of
Singapore but I really should not complain because I know the likelihood is that I am going to have my spirits dampened on leaving the
UK! Ironic isn’t it.I have finally met my almost-one year-old cousin, Yasmin. She is adorable with big brown eyes and long black eye lashes. Browner eyes than mine! Her smile and giggle is contagious and I do believe I will miss her in time to come. I am just afraid that like every other cousin we have here, she will not know us and a relationship with her as she grows up will be awkward.Anyway, I am going to leave now and go outside to the shops.Love to you all,