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It’s tough being small
To stand out from all the rest
It’s not easy to find
Someone to see your best

You’re kind, if not tall
I can’t find a truer friend
You’ll be there behind me 
Like two small friends can

Who knows the right thing to say
When I’m feeling so blue
Oh Piglet, you know, being with you
Is my friendliest thing to do

I can’t jump too high
Why Piglet, you can touch the sky above
With you here I know that
Life is much more fun

I like being small
(small is just a word)
With you to call a friend
(friend who’s always there for you)
There for my deepest feelings to be shared


You know Piglet, even though
you’re a very small animal
You’ve got a very big heart
Oh you’re ten feet tall to me


haha. hello everyone (or whoever actually reads this). I am officially 18 years old. It doesn’t feel that different but I can feel the white hairs starting to push their way through! Haha. (I do exaggerate at times!)

We all woke up really early this morning to have a birthday breakfast with my other half – my twin cos she had to go to school on time. We had pancakes, laughter and presents(presence too!). Becca and David (becca’s boyfriend) shared a present for me. It was a really cute Campbell’s tomato soup bag and a keychain for nurses. One one side the key chain read…”nurses are angels in disguise” on the other side it read…”I am a nurse, I am invincible, I am tired” HAHA.

Mummy and Daddy also gave us our presents. I got two biographies and a Graham Kendrick CD. (((: I love them truckloads.

And since becca said something nice amidst that horrible joke, I shall be nice too.

I wouldn’t have life without a twin. And I wouldn’t have any twin but you. You have always been ahead of me in a million things. (including getting a boyfriend!!) But, for that, I am glad. You may not notice or understand, but I am walking just behind you watching your every step. I just pick my own flowers while you pick yours. At the end, we will each have a bouquet of flowers. Just know this, mine was inspired by yours no matter how different it may look.

Two faces to wash
And four dirty hands;
Two insistent voices
Making demands

Twice as much crying
When things go wrong;
Then four eyes closing
With slumber song.

Twice as many garments
Blowing on the line.
Two cherubs in the go cart,
Soaking up sunshine.

Work I do for twins
Naturally comes double,
But four arms to hug me
Repay all my trouble!


Double love,


I am getting really old. I cannot believe another year has flown by this fast. And to think that exactly 18 years ago I was just a foetus in my mother’s womb. MUMMYYYYYY!!! I don’t wanna grow so old so fast. ]:

oh well, school was fun today with just 6 hours of school. (less than that in reality) The ISC was really gracious and accepted my late application for the tuition grant. All this hassle cos I am a PR. Anyway, it is over. Now I just have to arrange a make up lecture for when I have to go to the briefing for the tuition grant. I just called shehlin and I can’t go to L02 cos it clashes with my lessons. Just gotta pray hard that I can attend L01. SOOOOOOOO IRRITATING!!!!

Went to SIM food court for lunch. It rocks la!! Plus its air-conned and stuff. And it ain’t that expensive and it still tastes good. Today’s topics and modules were quite easy, I am just more wary of the science-sy ones like Microbiology and Infection Control and Anatomy and Physiology. At least I can spell the full names of these modules! haha.

Faiz darling and crazy Mel are apparently arranging the outing for my birthday celebration. Seriously, what on earth do people do to celebrate their 18th birthday?!

Another thought pressing on my mind is the choice of CCAs. Finally got to know more about the CF, CCC and a tad bit about the Navigators. CF was cool and really funny. Navigators was really serious and CCC was sort of in between. Wanna join CF but they meet on Wednesday nights and those are the dates for rock-climbing training. WHAT DO I DO NOW??? I asked God for a sign, he helped me find someone else (sheila) who was also signing up for rock-climbing and she was also looking at CF. Now, I am sorta stuck. HOW NOW BROWN COW?????


Whatever it is and whatever has happened, I really thank God for bringing me to where I am today.

Bessie met the bus and the bus met Bessie

The bus was messy and the mess was Bessie!!

 HAHAHAHAHA.its such a sad nursery rhyme.

Second day of school today. much much better than yesterday. but we had lectures for the whole of today for 6 long hours. I fell asleep for quite alot of it. Not literally but my mind and eyes kept closing/switching off. bought two fat books today which ripped over a 100 bucks from me (my parents, really).

still got to buy some more books. especially after attending lecture and realising i was quite lost in all the knowledge. gonna go bathe soon and then hit the books. Haha. you must think I am crazy to start studying. but i just gotta. need to build the confidence that i can do it!! woo hoo.







haha.this is the funniest.cos it is just so candid.

i didn’t go for the outing so….so nothing actually.haha.

okay. I am in a blur right now. Pretty much finished the  design for the youth camp. Just gotta add in vital information and send it on to Daryl. Spent most of today in school.It started at 9am with HSN OC. It wasn’t as fun or engaging as I expected. Hopefully the camp is way better. If the pictures are anything to go by, then it should be fun and messy. We just can’t choose our groups. I thought it was only 40 campers but it sound like many times more. The nice part was lunch at SIM and basking in the wonderful atmosphere of the library. It is super cool la. Hardly anyone and we just read mags, books, listened to music and watched tv. All within a span of about 2 and a half hours. Even other school people were coming.(mostly for the cafe) On our way back we saw lovely people I miss alot. Lav, Kelvin, Khai, Adam, Elda and Priscilla. All of us feel the same way….

WE MISS FOC!!!!!!!!!!!!

 HS FOC starts tomorrow. I am pretty much packed save for a few essentials like comb and toothbrush with toothpaste. This time will wear sneakers so that if I do get dirty (which I hope I will) they will be easy to clean. I also got the black dye to dye my jeans. Haha. They are brand new jeans but I don’t like the pale-blue colour. Shall change that, unless of course I change my mind again before I make the drastic move.

AHHHH. Just remembered, I gotta prepare for youth group this coming Sunday. Shall not divulge my ideas here for fear of spoiling the fun (if there is any!).

Dinner soon. Love to one and all!!!




Did not go to the FOC outing as I had church. Would have loved to go. But looking at the sky now, maybe it was a good thing. Faiz did not go too so I don’t feel so bad. She and I may be going out tmr to do express shopping for school.

Been listening to ERA. Reminds me of school and Howie. It’s hawt stuff man. MY LOVE! (not human-wise) I love three main songs…

1. Dont’ you forget

2. The Mass

3. Ameno

It’s like latin stuff but just so different and soothing. Love it. Free? Go sign up at and you can listen to a multitude of songs. Saw it on seniors’ friendsters and got hooked. Love it. (how many times am I gonna say that?!) Love it! haha.

Love you!!

It is about to pour and I feel real wierd. Finished work at the clinic early. Decided not to go for lunch with Latha and Bekah. I felt like stoning so I chose to walk home. Home being Pandan Valley. Haha. It wasn’t that bad la. I have run a few times from there all the way home. This time I stopped and got a bus from the junction to Farrer Road. It was relaxing except for some guys cutting trees. Just walked and walked and let my mind run far far away. Just STONNNNNEEEEEDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD——

Haha. I have got the pictures from Faiz but shall wait til I get the rest of the pics from Zj before i upload them and post the link here.

It is still sinking in that FOC is over. Heart pain la. Haha. I do not have any photos of the camp yet cos I think all those who took the photos are still sleeping. Don’t worry, I shall post them when I get them. I had a wail of a time. It was just plain shiok. Had a total of about less than 10 hours sleep for all three nights. Crazy la! haha. First night the fire alarm kept going off. Second night slept quite well and the third night we just didn’t sleep. (I dozed on the grand stand.hehe) Greg wanted to draw on me but didn’t get to cos he tried to check on me by asking me if I was awake. Stupid boy la! Who calls the person to check if they are awake. You’re supposed to do it quietly la!! Haha. Then I spent the rest of the night talking to Lav. Haha. Love her. I shan’t write about everything we did cos that would just be crazy. Basically we screamed, laughed, sang, cheered, walked and walked, ran, bathed, ate and just loved everyone. The transition into a co-ed school was much bigger than I had anticipated. Yes there was hugging but we had to go further. I refrained as much a possible. Haha. Give me time la. I’m still uber pure la. heehee Mass dance was fantastic if you let go of yourself and just shake and laugh and hit his butt la. They are much more open too but I shall not complain. I just gotta watch that my drift is a safe one. Had wonderful GLs. Top on the status was Kidd. Bouncy lil thing. (she loves my name(((:) Babe who gave me a fantastic clap. (shes hot!) Russell who just loves being caring. Jiv who cares so much for us. (hes such a pretty boy la!) Khai who is funny and quiet. Kelvin whose bubbles are shiok! Hashim and Haikal (they go together la) are crazy and goodie-looking. Hong Shen is just scary but warm. Lav who’s so loving and cuddly. And of course there is Mark (I think I will never forget his mother) who’s mysterious but has this magnetic force. (attract or repel?shhh) I think thats all really. And I’m burnt but love the look. Heehee.

(and yes, I have got an eye-candy)

Just going through all my testimonials on Friendster. I’ve got 123 pages! Over 600 testimonials. Haha. All the memories of school and the exams. They keep going on about my grades la! Come on la. There’s more to me than my grades.

To end it, here’s one thing I do have about camp:


 truckloads of love,