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I dreamed I went to heaven

And you were there with me

We walked upon the streets of gold

Beside the crystal sea

We heard the angels singing

Then someone called your name

You turned and saw this young man

And he was smiling as he came

And he said friend you may not know me now

And then he said but wait

You used to teach my Sunday School

When I was only eight

And every week you would say a prayer

Before the class would start

And one day when you said that prayer

I asked Jesus in my heart 

CHORUS Thank you for giving to the LordI am a life that was changed

Thank you for giving to the Lord

I am so glad you gave

Then another man stood before you And said remember the timeA missionary came to your church

And his pictures made you cry

You didn’t have much money

But you gave it anyway

Jesus took the gift you gave

And that’s why I’m here today 

CHORUS (repeat)

One by one they came Far as the eyes could seeEach life somehow touched

By your generosity

Little things that you had done

Sacrifices made

Unnoticed on the earth

In heaven now proclaimed 

And I know that up in heaven You’re not supposed to cryBut I am almost sure

There were tears in your eyes

As Jesus took your hand

And you stood before the Lord

He said, my child look around you

For great is your reward

CHORUS (repeat) 

I am so glad you gave.This is my response to one of the questions Stephen asked me last night. Am I ready? Really? Not yet I think. My aim is to be like the person described in this song. I haven’t given it my all yet. I am not ready to go. But then again, I’ll never be able to give it my ALL so I guess I’ll never be really ready.NOTES:

Prisca: Darling, don’t worry about it. rmb, He’ll take care of it and you!((:

Stephen: Thanks for last night. It was cool and funny. Romans 8:28 :))


Yesterday was my practical test and it was just bad. I shall not explain cos I am sick of repeating myself. The uniform was super hot and looked as if I had just had a shower in it by the time I arrived which was about 7.30 a.m. Thankfully I did not wear my pants suit if not I think it would have appeared as if I was made of water. After the test Stephen came down to talk because he had come early. After a bit more mucking about I asked Mummy and Daddy to come down to sign the Tuition Grant Agreement. After all that hassle, I met the others for lunch at canteen one before spending a few hours in the library. More time was spent at 81 working and relaxing. By this time (7 p.m) I had had a massive headache for close to 11 hours. Stupidly I had forgotten to bring my medication with me and had to endure the pain. At least I did not feel nauseated this time. I survived Baracudas and figured that I could not smile too hard or else the pain would hit home. Came home to bathe and stuff but did not go to sleep. I did something else instead which was great fun. I felt much better after that cos I think I had stopped moving so much that the headache must have subsided.

Today as been cool. Slept really late this morning and woke up at 10.30 a.m after being told we were leaving in an hour to go visit my grandmother. I thought I felt refreshed after about 7 hours sleep but truth is I just had to sleep more and must have spent another 2 hours sleeping at my grandmother’s place. Everyone left me to go back to Bedok and I spent a good 3 hours studying MIC. REALLY SATISFYING!! Now I am back here and am going to end this entry.

❤ amyruth.

Another post for another day. Actually I haven’t the fainest idea why I blog. It is a recount of my day and initially was meant for others to read. BUT WHO SERIOUSLY READS MY BLOG??? Maybe a few do but I am not aware of it.

Today was a nice day for the very fact that I only had 3 hours of lessons. I forgot to bring my CNP journal and had to write one out for her. Tomorrow I’ll hand in another journal. Did a FAVOUR for Stephen regarding GLs. I did, however, benefit from it. As such I know who all the GLs in L02 are. All girls. Haha.

Lunch at SIM was a relaxed affair as I just watched the others eat. After school I took my time to make my way to Bukit Timah Plaza, NTUC. I had originally asked someone to join me but decided against it for fear of discouraging him from going to his lecture. It was quite fun walking around picking up things, squeezing them (if I could) and then putting them back if I didn’t like them. Mummy had given me a list and I was in no hurry. After just over one hour of strolling around, I paid and left to wait for Daddy to pick me up.

There is nothing more to relate here about my day except for something to make you laugh. Esmond’s real/chinese name is Jun Fei. If Meidan and I have got the right characters, Jun would mean handsome and Fei would mean fly. Put the two together and you get….


haha. I do hope he doesn’t mind. XD He has such a cute and cool name.

❤ amyruth.

Yes, so the hana-kimi rave is over but after talking/hearing snippets of it in the past two days, I could not help but watch this and a few clips of the show. As cheesy as some parts of it may seem, it still makes me feel all funny. The english subtitles are there to help those who don’t understand chinese, even if the subs aren’t fantastic so I’ve done my own at the bottom of this entry. It isn’t direct tanslation, it’d be weird if it was. haha. you get the drift. So, just enjoy it and let your mind run. ((((:

VERSE 1:I’ll never blame you.

                 you’re in disguise because of me.

                 Angels must hide their wings on earth.

                 Humans may be stupid and careless,

                 But you are tiny and kind.

                 How could I let you get hurt because of me?

This is the third time I am testing you.

I have promised myself that it will be the last.

If he still doesn’t understand me,

I’ll just leave quietly.

VERSE 2: Your small hands that are filled with great warmth

                  Never fail to soothe my restless nights.

                  The unreachable dreams,

                  When seen through your eyes,

                   Are suddenly right in front of me.

CHORUS: No one can snatch you from my side

                  You’re my angel

                 And you only belong to me

                 No one can replace you in my heart.

                 I already have my angel

                And don’t need to keep dreaming.

VERSE 3 : Your hands may be small but they are strong.

                   I want to fly with you

                  And make your destination mine

                  Then I will always be there to protect you.

                  Just keep smiling.


BRIDGE: If I had never met you,

                 I would still be wallowing in self pity

                Constantly thinking that life is nothing but darkness


I was once protective over a certain girl

I still am.

❤ amyruth.

Today has been wackey. But before I talk about myself…



HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO JERRRRRRAAALLLLDDDD…[its the dragging effect hehe]


okay, so you’re old now. 17!!! sweaty seventeen for guys I think. They just sweat so much. AND I LOVE YOUR ABS!! haha. anyway. hope you have a wonderful day(((:

so. My day was not as big but, boy, did I have a good day. I woke up early to go for an interview at SGH. I got really nervous after getting off the bus. My stomach seemed to tighten up and all. It was registered in my mind that I was to go to block 6 level 9. By the time I was on my way to block 6, I got confused [plus dyslexia got a hold of me] and started heading towards block 9 level 6. I started asking people where block 9 is and all. It was the department of pathology. After getting there, it dawned on me. I freaked. Now I know I will never fully rid myself of dyslexia. For now, just gotta be more careful. So, instead of walking calmly on arriving at SGh at 8.30, I was rushing around like a headless chicken. Thank goodness they did not take into account my inpunctuality. I finally made it safely to block 6 level 9. Met Fida, Nages and another yr 1 NP there. It was not long before I was called into my interview. It was one-on-one and therefore much more relaxing. They asked for the usual reasons as to why I wanted to be a nurse, why SGH, what are my CCAs and all that. She expressed concern for my headaches but I hope I managed to win her confidence that it wouldn’t get out of hand. Other than that, she was cool about me and vice versa. haha. Finished that and went home.

Slept for a while until Stephen asked me if I wanted to meet him and Esmond at school to study. Agreed to that and straight after meeting for LWMC camp, where I had been packing logistics, I went over. Spent a while there studying MIC before being chased out. Walked over to KAP instead of using the bus. haha. They talked. Got to KAP and while they ate we just talked. haha. And I mean really talked. It was wackey. 2 hours! I shall not disclose private information here right, Esmond? Found out somemore stuff about HS and some information that calmed my nerves. I love my hair, thank you! So, after that I came home and had a quick dinner.

Gonna go bathe now and then see how I feel.(((:

❤ amyruth.

Another week has flown by and I am very tired. Yesterday was good but lasting very long from 8 in the morning to 6 in the evening with a one-hour break. After that I came home to relax. The end of the evening was rather bad but I shall not recite it here.

Today seemed as if I had a hangover without the headache and embarrassment. I look bad and was bad in class. Maybe it was also due to the restless night for my brain. I just kept on dreaming very ‘active’ dreams about certian people I know. But it all seemed so real. If only life could be like that sometimes. Anyway, came out from AAP tutorial and was told I had been chosen for HSGL. Was cool and all. Have no idea how that’s gonna turn out but I guess I’ll find out during our outing on the 9th.

My own thoughts about HSGL [off the record and all]: I am really surprised I got in at all. Maybe a lot of people feel this way but I was so slack and was not formal at all. Don’t get me wrong, I am not complaining but am still in a state of mild shock. Haha. The truth is that I haven’t a clue what I have flung myself into [or should I say the GLs have flung me into]. Realised this when I tried to explain GLs to my parents but hadn’t a clue what to say.

One ultra happy thing was the final Baracudas performance at the Student Plaza. Practice was good before that and I seemed more awake. Shockingly I was half asleep while playing. The only thing that kept me awake was grinning at Jolene, Meilin and Janice. After that we went back to the club house to celebrate Jerald’s 17th birthday. Man, I’m old. Well, they smashed a small cake in his face and it was filled with something then we ate a nice cake. After that they pulled off his shorts [apparently a tradition. I wonder what they do to girls!] and shoved him outside in the public in just his briefs and shirt. After a bit more relaxing and mucking about I was sent to the bus stop by Faiz to go home.

Anyway, I can’t stay awake any longer so I shall not wait for you anymore.

 Goodnight world!!

P.S I have an interview with SGH HR tmr morning. Pls pray all goes well.


HELLO HELLO HELLO!!Haha. We are not half way through week six and boy has a lot happened. Monday was cool. Yesterday was hot. Today was double hot. Cool was just cool. Hot was the HSGL stuff. I freaked out. Seriously, I should not have taken Stephen up on his offer to change from Wednesday to Tuesday and be interviewed by him. Thankfully I went with Melisa and Nadia. They were cool about it but that’s cos they don’t know the interviewers. So, the interviewers were Kadir, Stephen and Esmond. I was already on the edge of just breaking down in laughter (thankfully not tears) and they did not make it any better by laughing at me when I just sat down. They asked the usual questions and it felt more like an interrogation than an interview due to the massive distance between us. Esmond insulted me and I just cracked up a few times. The more I cracked up the more I got flustered and, of course, the more red I got. It just sucked when I realized that later. Of course they were looking at my posture and all but I was watching them too. They stretched out their legs, I stretched out mine. They laughed, I laughed. But I did manage to hold their gaze while talking. Finally it was over and they came out and started laughing at me again. I really really want to thank Melisa and Nadia for helping me. I would never have walked into that room let alone come out alive. Haha. Over-dramatic aye?

Double hot was today because we had the most wonderful Baracuda performance ever. It was our first and it rocked.  We practiced a lot and have another performance this Friday at the Student Plaza. Please come and support!! The only down side is that I am stuck at the end and have no one to bully on my right and have two very red bruises on my knees where the drum has been hitting constantly. I am becoming more relaxed in the group but still wanna stick with Faiz / Sayang / Monkey. I just feel safer with her. Jerald is fine cos he is so small. The rest are a bit scarier. One good thing about being one of the few girls in Baracudas  is that you get quite good treatment from the guys. They carry your instrument for you when you’re almost dead and help you when you cannot carry something somewhere. (benefit of being small!!) I think I am really gonna enjoy Baracudas.  Anyway, I shall end here and do some serious studying for tomorrow’s AAP test. 

SOMERSAULTS: that’s what my heart does. ❤ amyruth

He heard the preacher say
A single dime can feed
A hungry boy or girl
With nothing to eat
So he pulled a dollar
From the pocket of his jeans
And he asked his mama
How many will this feed?
She just smiled
And when she told him ten
He reached back again

What if I give all I have?
What will that gift do?
My child, a gift like that
Could change the world
It could feed a multitude
He didnt close his eyes
Or turn away
I can see him standing tall
He saw the need
And I can hear him say
What if I give all

Three birthday dollars
Could have bought a special toy
But he reminds me
Of another little boy
Who gave to Jesus
A gift of fish and bread
I wonder if he said

CHORUS (repeat)

And long ago a Father and a Son
Saw the children lost in sin
Can you see the tears
In the Fathers eyes
As Jesus says to him

What if I gave all I have?
What will that gift do?
My Son, that gift
Will change the world
It will free the multitudes

What if I give all I have?
What will that gift do?
My child a gift like that
Could change the world
It could feed a multitude
We cannot close our eyes
And turn away
When we hear His Spirit call
We see the need
Now let Him hear us say
What if I give all?
What if I give all?

Hello((((: Another week yet again. There is a lot to catch up on, recap and just learn. One thing that was good was that I didn’t sleep in any lecture or class yesterday. I wanted to maintain it today but slept for a while in CNP lecture. Miss Koh is so different in tutorials and lectures. She was suddenly so quiet that I just couldn’t stay awake. Will try harder next week. Had two tests so far and they were good. Have two more this coming week. PAS on Monday and AAP on Thursday. I am more paranoid for AAP cos there is just so much to know in such a short period of time.

I have received almost my full uniform save for the badge. The watch is cute and the clothes need shortening. Have to do that some time soon before our NSL practical test/exam. I do not have a clue what they want us to do? Wash hands? Make beds? transfer patients? I’d like to do the PPE thing. haha.

Many upcoming barakuda practices and preformances coming up. On top of that there is the HS GLs interviews. I didn’t realise that when I signed up, I would be going for an interview. That’s how blind or ignorant I am. hehe.

Oh well, shall end here. Have a stack of things to go through. [[[: So exciting!!