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well well well.almost done with common tests.just one more paper to go.and i am quite dead.haven’t been eating much.about one proper meal a day.and today was the ultimate.we all got so into work that by the end of it we left the library almost 9 hours later singing love songs to each other. except the guys that must have been the most productive as i have been able to go through all the lectures while still in school.except for NR, no more revision eyes are closing.

haven’t used the computer for about 2-3 days.29 emails in my inbox and a few days ago had 40.all unread.

and i have another library fine.):lousy.

too tired to write.byebye.

just for a laugh:





sorry. haven’t been rather good in updating this page. let me just run through the various updates in my monotonous life. haha.

common tests commence on monday!! plus nsl practical test. all will end on thursday and then i just have to prepare for attachments. another term gone. too fast. doesn’t even feel as if christmas is around the corner. not really looking forward to christmas in some senses. ho hum.

driving lessons have had a fair share of their hiccups. final theory test is so postponed. and i only have to april to have my driving test! so far i have had 6 lessons completing stage 1. been on the road and made enough mistakes. haha. told that i start off from stationary position too slowly. lets just say im more cautious as i dont wanna stall the car. Have my FTE booked for next tuesday.will go there and come back to school to study. it is real good to drive a maual car. way fun. haha.

anyway, more studying and practice for tomorrow to do.


Lister here.

I learned the truth at seventeen
that love was meant for beauty queens and
high school girls with clear skinned smiles
who married young and then retired

the Valentines I never knew
the Friday night charades of youth
were spent on one more beautiful
at seventeen I learned the truth

and those of us with ravaged faces
lacking in social graces
desperately remained at home
inventing lovers on the phone
who called to say come dance with me
and murmured vague obscenities
it isn’t all it seems at seventeen

a brown eyed girl in hand-me-downs
whose name I could never pronounce
said – pity please the ones who serve
they only get what they deserve

the rich relationed hometown queen
marries into what she needs
with a guarantee of company
and haven for the elderly

remember those who win the game
lose the love they sought to gain
in debentures of quality and dubious integrity
their small town eyes will gape at you
in dull surprise when payment due
exceeds accounts received at seventeen

to those of us who knew the pain
of valentines that never came
and those whose names were never called
when choosing sides for basketball
it was long ago and far away
the world was younger than today
when dreams were all they gave for free
to ugly duckling girls like me

we all play the game and when we dare
to cheat ourselves at solitaire
inventing lovers on the phone
repenting other lives unknown
who call to say – come dance with me
and murmur vague obscenities
to ugly girls like me, at seventeen.

where we filled out tum tums.((:


chitty chitty bang bang(((((:


just walking beside the river.


fantastic satay!!



three wonderful people.teehee.





all finished!!



nei nei and liz with their chendol.








i’ll just sit by you((:


blogged somewhere else. jus a note here to tell you all i’m still alive.(:

just hide me now, under your wings.