sorry. haven’t been rather good in updating this page. let me just run through the various updates in my monotonous life. haha.

common tests commence on monday!! plus nsl practical test. all will end on thursday and then i just have to prepare for attachments. another term gone. too fast. doesn’t even feel as if christmas is around the corner. not really looking forward to christmas in some senses. ho hum.

driving lessons have had a fair share of their hiccups. final theory test is so postponed. and i only have to april to have my driving test! so far i have had 6 lessons completing stage 1. been on the road and made enough mistakes. haha. told that i start off from stationary position too slowly. lets just say im more cautious as i dont wanna stall the car. Have my FTE booked for next tuesday.will go there and come back to school to study. it is real good to drive a maual car. way fun. haha.

anyway, more studying and practice for tomorrow to do.