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hello again((:

it has been ages since i have blogged and people keep bugging me to update this page.just something i guess.

well, we have moved house. will invite a number of my friends over in a while.i did promise. shalom was a great help.managed to get the christmas tree and presents all ready before the day itself. still getting used to sleeping by myself. nice and dark so i don’t wake up in the middle of the night.just gotta get to the pool and gym soon. neinei said it’s like a resort i guess i should make the most of it. once school starts and all there won’t be enough time. tennis should be coming soon so will holler to mel, faiz, sam, calvin etc. might manage to drag liz there.

christmas was odd with mummy not around, no talking to granny, a simple lunch and family going to different churches at different times! but it was good in the end. got a blouse, tee, 2 bags, memo pad, red packets, christmas stocking, food(lots), photo-frame, lego and such. haha. it was waters isn’t as christmas-y as st. george’s. just a different bunch of people i guess. i think i’m guessing too many things today.

driving is coming along well.just trying to get more lessons. bbdc seems to be out of lessons for feb and march! its crazy. just pray that if it is God’s will, i will have my test on the day i booked it for. or else i will have to cancel and renew my PDL. ho hum. life isn’t it?

gonna knuckle down to my reflective essay soon.due on wednesday.just one week to go.i’m such a procrastinator. hehheh.

oh!and i hope the cards get to you all soon.i sent them rather late. sorry.)):



well well well. 2 weeks are so far behind now. attachments ended yesterday with a bang where 8 of us went to Billy Bombers for lunch cum dinner. it was hilarious. being stuck in the male rooms with 3 boys isn’t that bad after all. the staff nurses were really nice and supportive. at least most of them. CIs were great. 1 main CI accompanied by 5 trainee CIs. yup.

anyway, the more current information:


like leaving pandan valley behind and moving to glentrees. computer is gonna be packed this evening and moving will start on monday. for the time being, daddy, becca and i will be staying in the OMF mission home for about 2 nights. liz and tita will stay at glentrees. a lot of things have been packed into boxes. and loads more thrown out or given away. we just do not have enough space in the new place for all my junk. haha. i have about 5 small boxes filled with things of sentimental value going way back to when i was in kindergarten. real junk yard. but i’m not gonna throw them away. ho hum. will have my own room in the basement. don’t get me wrong. it isn’t some dark dungeon. its just an extra bedroom. will miss being further away from my sisters. what to do? will post a video of empty pandan valley when i do get the chance. and then one of glentrees. yupyup.

shall end here. probably won’t be back til thursday? yea.

<3, amyruth.