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i promised some people i wound blog so here i am.

shall just put up some pictures with captions to give you an idea as to what i have been doing.

the people i studied with for the very last exam:











and jie quan who is not featured.

the sky from the bus stop one early morning:





and when i walked home late:


last CNY reunion dinner for 2008:


what the building used to look like:


what is looks like now:


spiral staircase: (that’s my cousin isabella)


side door:


front entrance:



Kong Cho’s desk:


Guard house and Cairnhill road:


What used to be the breakfast room:


driveway to the basement carpark:



the dome:


lap pool:


the guests in the entrance:


dining area:




living area:


few of my favourite pictures of him and Mah Cho:



mummy, daddy and becca:


and the buffet!!!!:


sort of sums up whats been happening.(((:


thank goodness it isn’t literal. can’t stand those things.

anyway, really been eventful starting last night til a couple of hours ago. getting back down to earth i’m glad to say. no more rides for me thank you. i’m happy with my feet firmly on the ground.

got back and went to the gym. oh yea. needed to really let off some steam. i think i almost literally did! face went so red. really pushed myself. will be aching. only girl in the gym so left me kinda self concious but who cares. i seriously surprised myself.

but i am extra happy cos I AM SO SMART!!!! let’s see. i have had problems with synching my ipod due to some technical hitches with itunes. they told me to reinstall itunes but i am unable to. so i just fiddled around with the stuff and tried to reprogramme the ipod thingameebob. and then this window popped up. “would you like to restart your computer now or later?”


i just needed to restart my comp. hehheh. after, let’s say, almost 5 attempts?

smart eh? ok. i’ll admit. quite dumb too.

BUT WOOHOO!! i’ve got new songs in my ipod. yea-ea.

i’m a happy girl. still there for you.((:

well neinei’s now after going to a cny performance at the indoor stadium. decided i wanna invite a few friends next year. its all in chinese but i managed to catch a fair amount of it.((: quite proud of myslef. x)

truthfully i felt kinda dumb going at first cos majority of them were old people.but… 

it was quite shiok! with local and foreign artistes from malaysia, taiwan, china and singapore. and america too. and they could speak chinese!! way better then me at some points. haha. wonderful testimonies and the alter call was fantastic. pity i had to leave early with the rest. hope it is more then just a passing moment. make me smile.please stay for a while. im so hooked to that song.

oh well, exams start tomorrow and boy am i looking forward to the end!:))))

well, here’s a video i said i wanted to put up. love it.

well? v day? ((:

that says it.

thank you loads God. you’re the love of my life.(((:

 (my post just got deleted)):)

anyway.had NSL theory test today. reached school at 815 for a 900 test. studied a bit before meeting the peeps at the LT. poor sharity was sick and clean forgot about the test. chatted with kelvin in the atrium til he left for lunch. found out jie quan and his boyfriends were in the library so i went to join them. left for driving which was quite good. chalked up 41 points which i will have to drastically decrease before my test. a few more lessons after 5.01 on wednesday to practice.

initially wanted to join the guys at trey’s place. had to decline the invitation from his mummy to go and bai nian. wonder if that was rude of me.?): hohum. will go another time i guess. if i get invited. haha.

shall end here and go watch the box.

Are you strong enough to be my man?

When I’ve shown you that I just don’t care
When I’m throwing punches in the air
When I’m broken down and I can’t stand

Would you be man enough to be my man?

Someone cries and it washes the street with tears
But when they are mine, they collect in my head for years
Rain or shine, still I’m standing on all I said
‘Cause it’s in my soul, carry on when the feeling’s dead

But if you can’t hold on
Let it go and come back in your heart
And if you can’t hold on
Maybe it’s not time for you
And if you can’t hold on
On your very last try
I’ll be there in the morning to pull you through

Someone dies late at night and I never know
And even if I did, so afraid of the face I’d show
I feel trapped and enslaved to this dark contrast
Need a feeling now, give me something that’s going to last

I want to be free
Yes, I want to be free

You say you want to be free
But you can’t fool me

Oh, and if you can’t hold on
Let it go and come back in your heart
And if you can’t hold on
Maybe it’s not time for you
And if you can’t hold on
On your very last try
I’ll be there so you know that you’re not alone. ((:

this is real funny and adorable.((:

my blog has been described as ‘dead’ so i’m here to revive it. let’s see how ‘alive’ it gets. haha.

lots of odd things have been going on.

NR is finally finished but im still slow – and i mean really slow – with my revision.

things have turned around for me and a friend. okay. maybe a few other friends too. but it’s good. we sorta had a tiff yesterday night but all is good ya?

found out charles is attached. kinda… i don’t know. maybe they’re more alike then i realised. ho hum.

nothing much to blog about. valentine’s day? haha. hadn’t planned anything. didn’t want to. what was i gonna do? be nice and boring, come to school and study. so nice right? will avoid the corners where there might well be funny couples giving me the jeebies. however, someone has planned something for me. not a date. no worries. just a little something. apparently planned for a few months. haha. i was really really pleasantly suprised. will tell you what it is if i do get it.

still slacking.will go up to study in a while. CONCENTRATE!!!


I wish I had all you ever wanted
Id give it right to you
But I dont have it
How could I ever find it,
The strength to let you go
cause I dont have it
When will I have it?
And it goes, and it goes on
You wont see me cry
You know I decided
That Im gonna pull myself together
And find a way to fight it
Im gonna have to hide it
You wont see me cry