freshman orientation camp. can’t sufficiently discribe it in words here.

let’s break it down into subcategories.


really enthusiastic bunch of people with great diversity. still can’t understand how they’re my freshies. scary thought. some really cute ones and others that just stand out from the rest for all the little quirks they have.


my group? 14 freshies. not an over enthusiastic group but not too quiet either. but like us i think they expected to be spoon-fed even when in poly. had to keep pushing them to think for themselves. not an easy transition. but oh-so-essential. all in all they were a super-duper great bunch of freshies and i dont think i could have asked for anymore from them!


despite being in the same school for a year this, again, was another time to forge bonds with eachother. i made new friends with them (abu,abdullah,weining,liana,maisarah etc.). the best was of course the friendship with my fellow GL, Khairul. it was great working with him whenever we did. sort of balanced eachother out (okay, maybe he helped me out). he had this amazing connection and ability to just make the freshies feel so relaxed. okay, so a few of the girls seemed to go kinda ga-ga over him. but all was good.


what can i say? they ‘saved the day’ again. we’ve so much to learn from them before they leave. i’m not trying to suck up or just sound nice. yes so they messed up some bits. but hey, we all make mistakes. i made tonnes in this camp. but they sorta pushed us to do things that are just a step away from planning next year’s foc.

anyway, i have many ideas going through my head for next year’s events like induction day, foc etc. but i shall keep my hands in my pockets for now.

okok. my bed beckons to me now. have bags under my eyes i wish to banish.