well well. my birthday is just a week away. not sure how im looking forward to it. all seems rather bleugh.

just feel nothing spectacular is gonna happen.

will spend the 18th with a friend from np, 19th with my sec 5 girls and 20th with my family. maybe just maybe something special with a big bang will happen. not a clue. feels like any other birthday.

if no one had organised anything for me i’d probably spend the day at home rotting after work and maybe splurge on a few things i have on my mind. or try my hand at making a skirt with no material. hows that sound? absolutley fab! *rolls eyes.

no no. i’d probably keep telling myself i’ve got to lose weight and make an attempt at hitting the gym/pool/tennis alone and fail just miserably.

blah blah blah. i need school to start!! LIKE START!!!!!! my next 7 week holiday better be a gazillion times better.

at least i know my june hols will be nice with a week or so in the UK with family plus gramps’ memorial service. decided i won’t worry too much about my spending. not like we go to the UK every year any more. shopping there is way more fun. maybe cos i never go shopping there alone. no one here seems to wanna go shopping. or maybe it’s cos im too scared to drag them into a full block of hours just walking around trying to buy something.

wanna go on a walk around little india and peep poke around. or how about china town? plus tonnes of picture taking. I NEED TO GET OUT OF HERE!!!!!!!

i seem to keep trying to do things. gotta actually do them eh? haha.

will update on school when i go round the corner.