so. the old SAF school of military medicine (SAFSMM?) is being knocked down!!!!


its a really old building opposite pandan valley. been vacant since 2006. and now!!! the beautiful building is gonna be a pile or dust with the odd brick here and there! how absolutely heart-wrenching. i wanted to sneak in and take photos of the fantastic place at the high risk of being shot. okay. not really that dramatic. but it’s still sad! that building was so so so nice and old. overgrown plants and all.

ho hum. can’t keep everything. especially since no one uses it.

so we did the foc photo montage in school today. almost done. quite good i think. needs more umph in it but we’ll get there. girls were great fun with all the photos and all. 3 seniors were patient to. steph left early abandoning keen hong and kadir to our utter madness. poor kadir stayed with us and even walked to the bus stop with us! absolute honor eh? haha.

school starts soon. so looking forward to it. though i dont want time to fly by so super duper fast. just aint fair. wanna stay this age forever!!! basically i dont want ppl i love to grow older and face the real possibility of dying. i know its really daft to think about this. but i do. i cry over it almost everytime i think about it. how will i live without them? have you ever thought about that? its the absolute unimaginable. GAH!! STOP IT!!!!!!!

im going to the gym.hrmph.