Exodus 34:14 “Do not worship any other god, for the LORD, whose name is Jealous, is a jealous God.”

Recently I watched a video on youtube where Oprah challenged this attribute of God: Jealousy. She couldnt understand how such a loving, forgiving, gracious, patient God could also be a jealous God. Why are we humans so blind? Why do we walk around and spew nonsense with blinders on? We view jealousy in the human form of it: “feeling resentment against someone because of that person’s rivalry, success, or advantages (often fol. by of): He was jealous of his rich brother.)”

But our God isn’t a human God!!! If we already know that why are we comparing him to human jealousy? He is ultimate holiness. We are ultimate scum. He is a star-breather, universe-creator, majestic God, healer of all illnesses, overseer of all that happens in this universe, and yet, we in our ignorance and stupidity dare to put him on par with us.

Let me try and explain what His jealousy means. I cannot tell you everything because I don’t understand it all. Here goes anyway: A parent loves their child with unconditional abundant love that provides everything they absolutely need in this earthly life. This parent showers the child with abundant blessings no one could imagine. Then this ungrateful child decides that this love is not enough. This child goes in search of another parent and disowns the former. This new parent knows nothing about this child. This new parent just deceives this child and lures it with all its false and empty promises of love. How would the former parent feel? Jealousy and sadness. Confusion? “what did I do wrong? Did I not love my child enough? Didn’t I give my child everything?” In truth an earthly parent cannot give their child everything but only a portion of what our God can give.

The very creator who created us knows every single hair on our head, the thoughts we think in silence, the words that we are about to speak before they are spoken. He loves us with a holy love that far surpasses all the love our parents have for us. He knows us inside out, He gives us everything and more than we need, He fulfills every promise He has and ever will make to us. And yet we can wander from Him in search of “more”. “What more is there?” He asks. If a wordly parent could be jealous of their child disowning them in search of another parent, how much more could God be of His creation running around blindly in search for another god. The only difference is that His is a holy jealousy. One that is well placed. He deserves to be jealous because we were made by Him and after giving everything and more to us we ignore His calls and look to others. Are we searching love from idols (even free-thinkers have idols)? Why? He has given us all the love we’ll need for eternity! He isn’t imperfect like our parents in this world. He didn’t do anything wrong, He didn’t shortchange us so He can’t ask himself “what did I do wrong?” because He didn’t! He doesn’t need to doubt Himself. He can and will be jealous til we turn back and acknowledge that our love, our searching, our admiration, worship, idolising is all misplaced. All of it.

So he continues to ask: haven’t you seen and heard of my love? haven’t you seen and heard of my grace? haven’t you seen and heard of my mercy? Just look at yourself. You’re a fine example of my love, mercy, grace, compassion, forgiveness, strength and everything I am. Because I made you. So why do you have to commit adultery? Why do you have to keep searching? I am here. You’ve seen, you’ve heard. I am only asking for what I deserve as your creator: ALL of you.