yes.just 2 more papers. but that is not really the aim of this entry.

you know something? i am in nursing because of God. i do nursing for God. but then why is it that i do not put in all the effort i have into my work? why do i not hand in my work on time? why don’t i listen in my lectures? i am half way through my course so isn’t it a bit late to be going through all this?

well, it’s been on my mind for a very long time. been digesting it. churning it and turning it over in this little mind of mine. this idea was finally topped off with lunch in KFC with 5 guys from youth group.

who do we belong to? who does what we have belong to? God. so what belongs to God? our time, money, clothes, friends, family, education, toys, home…oh the list could go on forever! so if all we have belongs to God then when we waste what we have whose do we actually waste? it does not take a highly intellectual person to figure this one out. if God was sitting at our dining tables would we waste food? if God was sitting by us while we ate would we stuff our faces til we were obese? if we knew God was beside us all the time would we smoke and/or drink alcohol? if we knew God would be watching us do our presentations in class wouldn’t we give it our all from preparation to conclusion? if we knew God was at YG time or during the church service would we skip them to study, or sleep or go out with family/friends? if we knew God was sitting by us in class would we begin to day dream and not listen in class?

i know. i am pathetic at imagining God always beside me. but in all these God is there. i haven’t put in enough effort in my work, in my revision, in my attention in all my classes. we are called to be good stewards of all God has given us. when God calls us to finally account for all we have done or not done what will we say?

“why did you leave doing your work to the last minute?”

what would you say? too tired? no time? not important enough?

“why did you take more than you could eat?”

i paid for it! i was hungry. it looked too good. i’m Singaporean la, kiasuism is second nature.

“why were you late for church?”

i was up late studying. i couldn’t wake up. had to eat breakfast first.

“why didn’t you have a proper quiet time and talk to me in prayer?”

too tired. too much to work to do. late for work/school. i’ll be going to church later.

i have been late for school. i have slept or not paid attention in lectures. i have left work to the last minute. i have handed work in at the very last minute. i have wasted food. i have stuffed myself. i have put in less effort than God would have me put in. i have trivialised God in all the tasks in my life.

in all this, i have tried to compartmentalise God and not give him what he deserves. He does not just deserve my time on Sundays or when I am praying or having QT or talking about him to others. He deserves all of me all the time. in return? I know with Him in all i do, the quality and rewards of my work for him will be far greater than i can imagine. ((:

well, that’s it for now. early to bed early to rise makes a young person healthy and wise!