this entry is going to be mindless because i just feel like typing something when in actual fact there isn’t anything to type.

oh oh oh.i know what to do. write a list of things i’d like to get (done) eventually some time soooon.

  1. either make or buy a cheap pinhole camera
  2. a few dresses
  3. a few feminine blouses (?)
  4. smart slippers (okay, that’s kinda an oxymoron)
  5. a nice back pack for school
  6. new tennis balls
  7. another cupboard and a few shelves for my room
  8. many photos printed
  9. many photo frames
  10. more pillows and throws
  11. play tennis
  12. get back to the gym
  13. revamp my room
  14. rebuild my bed
  15. throw out a whole load of stuff
  16. make my skirts!!
  17. design more tee shirts
  18. go to sentosa
  19. go trekking (6km minimum)
  20. get better at the guitar
  21. learn how to play bass guitar

i might just do 1 or 2 designs tonight and put them up here.(((:

okay.gonna look around for them now.


ps. i have been studying.