I just have to blog about this. it is so so rare.

Daddy and I went to the dentist today for our check up and then headed to Mr Prata for breakfast. (i know, we just cleaned our teeth) This grandmother happened to bring her grandson for prata. On seeing this daddy remarked “I want to bring my grandchildren here too”. I responded “don’t look at me, I don’t even have a boyfriend!” “What? You’re not sad about that are you?” he replied. Haha.

This led us into the conversation about my ideal husband. Seriously we hardly talk let alone talk about my love life – which is pretty much non-existent if you’re talking about progress. Daddy asked what job I’d like my husband to have. Ideally? A missionary doctor. Missionary because I would love to be an overseas missionary eventually. Doctor because we’d be passionate about the same things (i think) like medicine and healing others. Then he asked what I’d do if the husband God provided wasn’t a missionary doctor or even just a doctor or just a missionary. I’d just take what God gives me. In the end He knows what is best for me. Daren’t I dispute the omnipotence of my creator. Daddy finally asked if I’d marry/date a non-christian. I just looked straight ahead and gave him a definite “no”.

In the end all I really want in my boyfriend and husband-to-be would be a man after God’s own heart, on fire for God and unashamed to show it. He may be a doctor, nurse, lawyer, business man, stockbroker, teacher, engineer, pilot, soldier, politician, driver, sailor, chef, salesman etc. but if God has set him apart for me then there must be something God has seen in him that He wants me to be part of.

In the end all we want is for “someone to… just be with”. ((: