well, i am back on this sunny island.

was China good to me and me to it?


things did not go quite as planned (okay, so that’s a rather large understatement). through it all, God was so faithful that when i look in retrospect i cannot help but just smile in absolute awe and remain speechless in His presence. there was no day that He did not remind me of His presence ever-so-close to me.

yes i missed home, but all the more i feel and hear missions beckoning to me. i just pray really hard that i am hearing God’s whisper right.

i am now onto my 4 week attachment. 2 weeks at NUH ward 88. and then 2 at IMH. i miss having a visitor or someone to meet me at the end of the long day just to offer me a shoulder to rest my heavy and weary head on.

colour my life. it's kind of dreary now.

colour my life. it's kind of dreary now.

 waddling off.