Name 20 people

  1. Adora
  2. Meidan
  3. Prisca
  4. Sharity
  5. Rebecca
  6. Elizabeth
  7. David Marc Lee
  8. Janice Kok
  9. Kelvin Chan
  10. Yun Hua
  11. Gerald
  12. Jolene
  13. Pearlynn
  14. Stephen
  15. Faiznur
  16. Derek
  17. Michelle Cheong
  18. Kenneth Ho
  19. Shehlin
  20. Melisa Thiyagaes

How did you meet 14?

Was asked to be an emcee for HS idol and he was the senior in-charge.

What would you do if you never met 1?

Now? scream and give her a huge huge hug cos i miss her.)):

What if 9 and 20 date each other?

Nah. I can’t even imagine them being friends. (at least I think so)

Will 6 and 17 date?

No. Cos they’re both girls.

Describe 3!

Oh dear. I know too much about her. Hip, hot, happening and just so so so lovable.

Is 8 attractive?

Yea! She’s got such a flat tummy. haha. on top of that really crazy personality.

Describe 7

Oh. He’s the uber cuddly boyfriend of my sister. Romantic and oh-so-lovable.((:

Do you know any of 12’s family members?

Nope.)): But knowing her is the bomb already!

What at if 18 confesses to you he or she likes you?

Oh, I’ll just blush, run away and hide. never to appear again! hahahah.

What language does 15 speak?

Malay, english and tad bit of chinese.

Who’s going out with 9?

No one I know of. So he’s happily single like me!! whoots.

How old is 16?

He is 18 years old.

When did u last speak to 13?

Oh, just today when we parted after work.

Who is 2’s favourite singer?

No idea. but she loves listening to oldies love songs. haha. like bananarama.

Would you ever date 4?

Oh I do all the time!(((:

Will you ever date 1?

Girl dating yes. seriously? she’s happily taken and I’m super straight!

Is 19 single?

No No No. and she has yet to introduce me to her boyfriend!!

What is 10’s last name?


School of 3.

Ngee Ann Polytechnic Health Sciences. whoot whoot whoot.

Where does 6 live?

In the same house as me. sister-love.

What is your favourite thing of 5?

The fact that she’s my twinnnnie.

Have you seen 2 naked?

Nah. Never been flashed by her.