my man to my lady.((:

Wanted a hand that in my own

Confiding might recline

Wanted an arm that needs support

To cling with trust to mine

Wanted a foot to guide through life

That ne’er from me shall stray

For which I’ll smooth the rugged path

And clear all thorns away.

Wanted a light and gentle form

To clasp with tender care

To nestle in my breast and find

A safe asylum there

Wanted an eye that beams with love

From angry glances free

The mirror of a faithful heart

That beats alone for me.

Wanted a lip – ne’er curled with pride

To thrill at touch of mine

A voice to speak in kindest tones

Of love and hope divine.

Wanted a soul whom God hath blest

And sealed as His forever

That parted briefly here we may

Rejoin where none can sever.