well, the alarm went off at 0445 so i could prepare myself for work and leave by 0515. as the usual practice, i turned off the alarm and nodded back to sleep. but it was the next 20 minutes that was the most memorable. as they say, active dreaming is when your mind is sorting out all the information it has gotten throughout the day(s).

I was sitting on the floor with Becca, Liz, David, Yao Wen and either Ali or Kenneth in a St-Margaret’s-like hall. Apparently I was playing bass for Bing Bang Boom (which I kept referring to as FOP) and wasn’t doing a good job of it at all. Someone else was playing keys. I think it was either Becca or David. Anyway, I was getting a scolding about not playing the bass well while the keyboardist was doing a rather good job. There was also some sort of argument about us not bringing the car to wherever we were. Anyway, I finally got really upset about the whole bass thing and answered Becca back. She then shouted and all the other people turned around to stare at us. For some reason I just looked at Yao Wen, whimpered that I had never played the bass before and pathetically pulled my blanket over my head and started to cry. Do not ask me what my blanket was doing there but the crying felt so real. It always does in a dream actually. Haha.

All this a result of:

  1. Bing Bang Boom practice and debates
  2. Tuition with Kenneth
  3. Being car-less with Becca last night
  4. YG on Sunday and finding out who Yao Wen was for the first time

Ho hum. I’m off to a good rest.