81064437I have to remain focused. I’ve been a rather good girl so far, concentrating on my books and wonderful lecturers. I’ve been meeting all the deadlines and have even been doing work 1 entire week ahead of schedule!

The thing is that I’m starting to get distracted. There are so many things that seem to beckon to me. Yesterday it was our childish banter of “oh, look at that guy!” “hot guy alert!” “nah, nah, nah. stripped shirt!” “my 3 o’clock. turn your head la!”.  The other day(s) it was the whole variety of DVDs to watch. Today it’s this wonderful gadget in front of me. So before I get carried away I shall head off to do my Nursing Research. And there are only 2 and a half weeks of schoo left!

i will be here till the ruby sunset bursts to gold
upon the favoured sheen of blue, hues.
until it descends, upon the quiet whisper of a cloud
and the moon echoes in return upon a tale unsaid –
trusts entwined.
i will be here