dancingMany times I’ve tried to find a solution for a sorrowful heart or downcast spirit. I’ve tried sleeping, dancing, exercising, starving, crying, stoning, watching tv… but they all failed me.

Today I was downcast. Today was my troubled day. But today was the day that the Lord graciously brought rain over me – literally. The world can bog me down with all it’s worries and materialism but when I cry out to God in utter faith deep in the pits of desperation, He will surely hear my cry and whimper. He doesn’t rush forward with sword in hand and spitting fire to slash the throats of all my enemies or wipe clean my memory of the worrying and depressing thoughts. Instead He places in me a longing and need for Him and then fills me with Himself. His love, peace, grace, strength, mercy, wisdom, light… til I’m overflowing.

Squelching in the rain, getting cold and wet, I ran all the way home laughing and crying. All this while this song was playing: Jesus, draw me ever nearer

On reaching home I was soaked with a smile from east to west on this face of mine. I promptly put my bag down and went on out to the rain that was coming down steadily and just span around telling God that I am with Him. Telling God that He is the ultimate lover that beats any lover through all eternity. The rain washed me and it was as if I knew God was looking down at me laughing at this child of His whom He loved til no end.

So the solution to a sorrowful heart or downcast spirit? Cry out in absolute faith to our Father in heaven and wait expectantly for his calm and assuring voice to call out in the storm. Listen earnestly for it whether a shout or a whisper. And when He provides a dark cloud overhead bursting with shimmering crystals of water run out into the center of it all and bathe in this refreshing provision yet again! Don’t forget to laugh, smile and sing unending praises onto His name for it is what He desires and deserves.