cmyk_logo08_thnWell well well. About 20 hours ago I was being “angsty” and complaining about having to go for the Standard Charted Singapore Marathon 2008 (SCSM) as a first aider. I was just too tired from BBB and it didn’t seem happening at all in school.

BBB was a blast!! Everything went smoothly and seriously? I know God was there. Must admit that I was a tad distracted. Could have been a better time of praise and singing for me. I’m still glad everyone else enjoyed themselves. I loved the journey we all took together. Some walking, some running, some pacing others etc. In the end we all came to the finish line as one. But, this will not be the last time we do this kind of thing together. Just you wait! Thank you God.(((((: xxoo

SCSM was also a blast later on. It was cool to see all the runners coming in and all. For once I touched sweaty bodies and didn’t feel like I needed to wash my hands instantly! No serious collapse cases on our end. Maybe it was due to the fact that they could see the finish line by the time we saw them. By 12 o’clock (after we had been there 9 hours and slept only 1 hour) I decided to change my job to be a motivator. Since all the motivators had left and casualties were nil. So I stood there screaming my heart out for these strangers. It’s funny the high you get in doing this especially when they turn to you, smile and thank you. So we finally left and I took a cab home pretty much unaware of the pain I was going to be in due to the horrible lack of shade!

Now I’m here, trying not to sleep yet so that I can sleep through the night. I’ve got a painful and ugly sunburn. Sleeve, socks and hair line burns. Yuck! But the fun was worth my time and fair skin! Haha (((: Though I missed church.))):

Okay, I’m just rambling on with this bleugh post so I shall end here for now.


picnic tomorrow!!!