83976235sorry.I haven’t been a good girl in updating this blog of mine. There isn’t much to say. School has pretty much ended except for exams and clinical attachments. The highlight of my week has to be yesterday: Valentine’s Day. The story about how my plans slowly came to life is amazing. It’s a bit long but I think I should post it here.

I had been reading a book by Shannon Ethridge: Completely His. In this book Shannon does a fantastic job in explaining God’s wish to have a highly intimate relationship with each of us. She uses the analogy of a bride and bridegroom. For about 3/4 of the book I had just read and didn’t really grasp the depth of this desire and need for such intimate love. Disappointment came knocking on my door about a week ago and the thirst and realisation of such an intimate relationship and it’s implications came into being. In sheer ignorance I just celebrated His love for a bit and then got on with life. I thought I was all fine, I didn’t need any guy in my life to complicate matters and I believed Christ was more than enough for me (of which He is!) so I bustled about trying to be all self-sufficient.

Alistar had arranged a bible study on the evening of Vday. I, in all my enthusiasm of single-hood I promptly announced to my group that I didn’t have any valentine and wasn’t planning to get one so I’d be going for the bible study. I saw my reply about a day later and it seemed so pathetic. I kept thinking about it and just before going to bed I realised that in actual fact in going for the bible study, I was going to have the hottest date and read a small part of the greatest love letter ever written. God was my date. It turned out that I spent my Vday evening with 4 other army guys from YG. Guitar Hero, food and a good talk about relationships and what we should look for in the other half. It was a blast. So now, if you were to ask me, out of all the Vday celebrations I have been to, which was the most memorable, I’d have to say 2009. I have my hot date to thank!((((: Seriously, He had planned it so well with hints for the entire week if not month!!