200398456-001Haven’t been really good at doing all the things I planned to do this holiday. Haven’t run as well and as much as I should. Clocked a time of about 1 hour for 8km. 2 more to go so hopefully I can do ten within the next 2 weeks below 1.25 hours. And I’ve put on a few more kilos. Absolutely depressing though I have been convinced that it’s muscle mass. Given up the idea of intentionally losing weight. Who cares if no one can carry me. It’s muscle!!! ((:

Haven’t been well disciplined about spending time reading and praying. I think (ironically) it will be easier to do this stuff within the next 3 weeks on top of my clinical attachment at SGH. Girls will be busy with the CA and boys will be in camp so I will have only myself to hang out with. Sad but so real.

I’m not gonna write anymore here. Need some private time so shall go to my other blog which no one else knows about!!(((: So secretive and exciting!! haha. I know, I’m getting silly here.

bye bye.