the-proposalIt has been a while since I’ve sat down to update my site. Just for the date I’ll do some recounting of the past experiences and happenings.

Exams were not too bad. Just hope they don’t moderate the marks. God was good and kept me sane through it all. Am rather blasé about the upcoming attachments. They’ll be long lasting til the end of February with a 2 week break in between. There should be time to run/swim everyday if I am not too tired. Have to be disciplined though. I have my new L.I.F.T racers though not in the colour I wanted. Gotten a few other things here and there.

The best part of the past few weeks has to be centered around friends. I spent so much time with Meidan studying, chatting, going out that when the time comes where we hardly get to see each other, I will be so very sad. Though I doubt the hectic schedule of the hospital will allow me to wallow in such emotions. The last thing we did together was with Yibing and Adora. Watching The Proposal was a blast. I needed the laugh especially after Sunday and Monday.

I’m not going to write about Sunday’s episode. Seeing Michelle, Travis and Amoz was a blessing and knowing God was with all of us throughout that day really humbles me. In essence I can’t go on living my life wasted. Reading John Piper’s book (Don’t Waste Your Life), the accident, the video on CTBP about letters from hell, the conversations with friends and family; life isn’t that simple. Sunday was a wake up call. Forking out a lump sum of money is the least of my concerns. Yes, it may cost me my graduation trip and many other small things but I am glad that I have gained more than lost in this accident. If you ask me, I could tell you how God was truly with me as the railings went down and the world spun around. To deny his presence and omnipotence in his world would be the greatest mistake of my life – of anyone’s life!

Ok. I shall end here.

Til next time.(:


ps. I’ll write about John Piper’s book another time.