I cannot begin to comprehend, let alone explain, just how evident God has been in my life just within the past 2-3 weeks. It’s not that he wasn’t there before, but rather that I am so sensitive about it now. Praise God for that! He is working in my life in ways I could never imagine or hope for. He permeates every nook and cranny of this warped life I’ve been living. I have a hope now I’ve never had before and I pray he will lead me as I strive to show this new found hope to the world and everyone who will watch and listen.

Sleep has been farther from my mind than I had hoped. And today’s worship songs have really spoken to me. As I seek God’s will in my life and those around me, I get caught up worrying that nothing will work out. But when do we learn to stop? Hand it over to God and wait? I want to do that. I want to run to him with all the burdens and throw it down at his feet. May it be that I approach his throne of grace heavy laden and downcast but return with songs of joy and a skip in my step.

He’s always been there. He is here. And He’s never going to leave.

Deal with that!


For all your times of laughter
In every hopeful prayer
When the world weighs on your shoulders
Through sorrow and your despair
With everything, with every breath, praise the Lord

When the night seems so long – throw your hands to the sky
You can sing a new song – wipe the tears from your eyes
When you’re weak, He is strong
He can heal your wounded soul
And calm the storm inside