Just because I don’t talk about it doesn’t mean it isn’t there. Just like I don’t talk about my belly button. Doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. It exists alright. It isn’t going anywhere. I just don’t talk about it.

But if ever you want to talk about it? Go ahead. It’s there anyway and it won’t get hurt if you talk about it. I might if you insult my belly button. But then, that’s cos I know there is nothing I want to change about my belly button. However, if you manage to show me what needs to be changed, I’ll gladly change. Godly adivce, I dare not disregard though it may be hard to impliment.

So what’s this where we’re so afraid of  change? It approaches us as a bullet train – we run at the speed of light to the end of the tracks only to notice it’s still behind us. It approaches us as a snail – we either stomp and kill it or walk away with total disregard for the message it brings. Change isn’t always bad. I don’t understand you. Someone please explain?