seeingyouWhat on earth are those things?

Mummy: Sweetie, you need someone who is going to look after you. You can’t always be taking care of him and worrying your head off when he’s out and off doing things you’re not comfortable with. You shouldn’t need to do all that.

Daughter looks down and smiles.

Mummy: You need taking care of. TLC.

I’m not sure I’ve found him yet. I mean, I’m sure he’s there. Cos that’s the way God created us right? I don’t want to have to pace up and down the living room, keep straightening out the bed sheets waiting for him to return. If a man has a wife, his place (besides work) should be the home. As is the same with the wife. This generation/society may be thinking differently. How then? I’m not going to change that rule.

How will he take care of me? *frowns I’m not sure. Brace yourself. Let me do this cheesy thing and get it over and done with.

  1. Do the washing up without asking.
  2. Leave little notes on the fridge for when I return from work. (ps. I’ll have odd working hours)
  3. Read a bible story or psalm to me randomly in the day.
  4. Plan ahead of time so that things actually work out.
  5. Come home for dinner when he knows I’ll be off work.
  6. Carry me to bed when I fall asleep somewhere else.
  7. Towel dry my hair when I can’t be bothered to do it myself.
  8. Dance with me wherever when the radio plays our song.
  9. Do silly things like 20 star jumps just to cheer me up.
  10. Prepare meals for me. (you know, like lunch boxes. heh)
  11. Listen intently to me when I go on and on about something that’s bothering me and then just tell me he loves me at the end of it all.
  12. Carry a packet of tissue with him cos he knows I won’t though I’ll always need them more.
  13. Be persistent even if it means literally picking me up so I get to where he wants me to be.
  14. Challenge me to new things.
  15. Willingly do silly little things like the chicken dance when I’m extra hyper.
  16. Let me play with his ears.
  17. Provide awesome piggy backs and cuddles.
  18. Not always treat me like a fragile flower.
  19. Wipe away my tears with his thumb and “kiss it all better”!
  20. Most of all? Walk so closely with God that I know I’m loved by a Christ-like man with a Christ-like love who will guide me towards a closer relationship with our Lord.

I’m sure there is so much more I could say. Not expecting it to land at the door in a basket and out pops a man all packaged and ready. Just thought that since I was thinking about it I might as well jot it down.


Jeremiah 29:11
11 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.