I’m the sort of person that the more frustrated I get, the more I talk, the more I can’t stay still, the more snappy I get, the less I smile and the more I frown. That’s been me for the past weeks. Yes, momentarily I may be well occupied with other tasks at hand and spare not a thought for the very issue and crisis that seems to almost control the central direction of my thoughts.

They say I’ve planted the seed and I can’t keep watering it. Apparently I’ve watered it enough and if I overdo it, it’ll be as damned as it being scorched by the sun. My problem? I’m never too sure if I’ve really planted the seed. But like the sermon said today (though you probably didn’t get it), we place the word and message of God on the surface of the person’s heart and wait for the heart to break. Once broken, the message will just drop in. But maybe I’m getting so desperate that I’d take a sledge-hammer and try to smash your heart open. Now we all know that would be beyond disastrous and quite irreversible. I need to trust. Trust and trust and trust to no end in a God that is quite endless and whose ways go on for eternity even if we may never see the results. Place the message, plant the seed, water a little and walk away.

In the end, as Becca said, love is quite the irrational bugger we have in our lives. The absolute basic necessity but can also be the thing that gets us running around like headless chickens; the stage at which I, if not already immersed in, may be advancing towards at a rather alarming rate.

Talk – it’s getting cheaper and cheaper.