I have come to realise that I can better tolerate bad SPOKEN English than bad WRITTEN English.

When I blog hop or read other people’s comments about various issues (eg. Ris Low’s episode) I cringe. A great number of them keep dissing her for her English while using bad grammar themselves! It’s quite infuriating. If I could, I’d use a red pen and correct all their bad English. It just irks me and so I couldn’t help myself when I corrected the bad grammar on the evaluation form for OT today.

Sigh. I try to be tolerant but it doesn’t mean I don’t feel like laughing and rolling my eyes when I see the really simple and silly mistakes people make. I mean, if they read it out loud wouldn’t they hear the mistake?!

And then, despite having absolutely appalling grammar, they make the dire mistake of attempting to use “big” words to sound impressive. Seriously??