Sitting here with a splitting headache and dark circles under my eyes I have decided what would make a splendid 21st birthday present:

A climb to the top of Mount Kinabalu or Mount Ophir.

Hopefully both eventually. I’ve seen Nigel Koh and Zheng Yang’s pictures from their climb a few months ago. I must climb too. Amoz climbs Mt. K. this week and has offered to do Mt. O. with me upon his return during my holidays.

There’s only one problem (besides the fact that I’ve never climbed anything more than some Mount something in Perth and Bukit Timah), I can’t seem to find a girl who would want to do something like this with me. I’m not too fussed about going alone with a few guys but I’m pretty sure my parents would be against it (and rightly so!).

So maybe it’ll have to wait.

Yet another thing out of reach! hohum.