Ever wanted to know just what exactly someone was feeling or thinking or whatever? Not that it would seriously change the situation but just so that you know? Just so that you get the “oh-i-get-it” feeling? Even if knowing how they feel would crush you. Even if it’s the sort of feeling that you’d get when you know your world is about to dissipate? You still want to know. Stupid girl. You still want to know if he hates you, loves you, can’t stand the sight of you, is angry with you, disappointed with you. And then you realise all these redundant questions point back to you. How utterly selfish.

So you resolve and decided to be a little less selfish and tell yourself “if only I knew how he was doing. Like truly knew.” Best still if they tell you without having to be asked!

I’d love to ask straight out “are you okay?” Like a simply, honest, blatant question and get in turn a truly honest reply. Even if it’s got nothing at all to do with you.

Sometimes someone is so mysterious it really irritates me and all I want to know is “are you okay?” Why are you disappointed and angry?


p.s. I feel like a leech and I hate that.