And so I’ve just watch Eternal Sunshine of the spotless mind.

My favourite part was the end. Well, not favourite really since it gets me thinking. It starts at about 4.40 in the clip.

I really should go.
I’ve gotta catch my ride.

So go.
I did.
I thought maybe you were a nut,
but you were exciting.
I wish you’d stayed.
I wish I’d stayed too. Now I wish I’d stayed.
I wish I’d done a lot of things.
Oh, God, I wish I had…
I wish I’d stayed. I do.
Well, I came back downstairs, and you were gone.
I walked out. I walked out the door.
I don’t know. I felt like a scared little kid.
I was like… It was above my head. I don’t know.

You were scared?
Thought you knew that about me.
I ran back to the bonfire, trying to outrun my humiliation, I think.
Was it something I said?
You said, “So go”…
with such disdain, you know?
Oh, I’m sorry.
It’s okay.
What if you stayed this time?
I walked out the door.
There’s no memory left.
Come back and make up a good-bye, at least.
Let’s pretend we had one.
Bye, Joel.

I love you.