This week has been quite something. Managed to make it out of the house this evening for a short and fast run. 4km in 20 minutes followed by a 10min turn on the swing. Unfortunately that was ruined by some couple who decided to occupy the empty swing next to me. Like seriously? First thing, I’m all alone, hot, sweaty, tired and do not have any desire whatsoever to swing next to some giggly couple. Go find your own swings la!! ACK!

So I stopped swinging and left. Totally spoilt my mood that was improving ever so slightly.

Anyway, I’ve come to the conclusion that the best place for a date that’s cheap and fun is a playground. When no one else is there of course. No screaming kids, no loud aunties and no other couples! You can totally conquer the entire playground and be kids together. Now how awesome is that?! HAHA!

Nothing else to say now. I wish this holiday was tad more meaningful and fulfilling. I was hoping something BIG would happen. Something that would make this holiday absolutely memorable. Like BOOM!! That was a fantastic holiday. :/

Okay. I’m off to bed.