Hello. Sorry I haven’t updated in months. And by that I mean a proper update. Well, I’m into my 9th week as a staff nurse in SGH and things have been going pretty well thus far. My only concern is keeping joyful no matter what happens and getting all my competencies signed especially IV Cannulation.

Anyway, that is trivial matter compared to the next piece of news. I’m not sure if I should gush here so I’ll keep it simple. There are lots of ways I could say this but I guess the way I like it is – I am Aw Sze Jet’s girlfriend. 😀 haha! It’s been a funny sort of string of events but ultimately that’s all that really matters. I think more people saw it coming than those who are genuinely surprised. ha! Whatever it is, and whoever knew whatever, I am more than pleased/elated/excited about the way things have turned out. I know, some of you will just give me/us a knowing smile and the phrase “honeymoon  period” would be going through your mind. I will not discount that fact but then, like every other relationship (friends, spouse, family etc.) you have that period. I am almost looking forward to the times when we find something to disagree upon. Not that I’m actively searching for it, just that it shows me we’re like everyone else. So far our points of disagreements haven’t been too pivitol so we just look at each other and go “ah-ha! we disagree!”, laugh and then share our differing opinions with one another.

The most refreshing thing about being with him is that he’s leading. He is genuinely concerned for my walk with God and makes it a point that we pray together whenever we get the chance. And when one is at a rather stagnant point in their relationship with God, well, I am thoroughly encouraged and blessed. There’s loads more that I could say (and for those who are genuinely interested you could ask personally) but I think I’ve said enough in this very un-private area of cyberspace! x)