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It’s funny. I thought I knew what I wanted to do for the rest of my life: nursing. But even now I’m not quite sure. There are so many things I want to do. Nursing is one of them. Then what about childcare? children with special needs? baking? Ultimately I know I want to do something that will (in)directly contribute to missions and evangelism. Something that isn’t all about the money but where I feel that I’m actually making a difference in someone’s life.

I know that choosing a job that provides a stable source of income is the responsible move to make. But honestly? Making money is not first and foremost on my mind. It goes without saying that where God leads I will go and yes, I keep asking him where. Obviously it’s in SGH for the next 2+ years. But that time does go quickly. Then what? Do I seriously want to pursue a degree in nursing? How about baking with nursing on the side? It’s like permutations and combinations. The list seems to extend to no end.

Of course my dislike of desk-bound jobs still stands. Teaching? That’s another thought that has crossed my mind. No, not like Liz where a degree is necessary. Not too keen on that age group either. Er, lower primary? Even kindergarten?

I know, I know. I’m just throwing ideas around. A lot of things can change within 2 years.

Just thinking.

amy. (:

So I did 3 nights in a horrible N95 which left me with horrible skin and an irritated nose. Ended up with a sore throat (all my fault) and an aching body and head. But the reward was great days off. 😀 Spent my sleeping day making pretzel balls!

1st day off relaxing and seeing my better half. 😀

And the 2nd day (today) cleaning, waxing and polishing 2 cars, baking the epic Upsidedown Banana Chocolate Cake and seeing the girls for dinner.

My final day of will be pretty busy. Seeing Nei Nei for lunch, worship practice in the afternoon, BS in the evening and seeing Ali off at night.

That is just an update.

Other things are just far to personal for me to put here.

Byebye. (: