after working like crazy for the past few weeks-months, I’ve come to realise what are the simple joys in nursing.

as much as being in-charge and really stretching myself almost every day leaves me satisfied, I still enjoy spending time with my patients.

  1. joking around with them
  2. tidying them up
  3. taking them for a shower
  4. combing their hair (yes, even the old men!)
  5. doing simple/complicated dressings and leaving them all clean!
  6. feeding those who can’t feed themselves
  7. sitting an almost bedridden patient out on a chair just for a while
  8. cleaning a very soiled diaper
  9. walking someone who has not walked in ages!
  10. waving a patient off as he/she is discharged

and so I do enjoy being a junior once in a while. (: