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Here is the link for the photos of the 14 recipes plus a few more. Didn’t get the Red Velvet Roll and Lemon Lime Pie on camera. I’d do everything again except: Red Velvet Roll and the Corndog Muffins. Just weren’t all that good.

Enjoy the photos! ((:


Ugh. Anyway, ignore that name.

So I’m turning a fine 22 in just over a week. I actually quite forgot about it until about an hour ago. The idea that Becca won’t be here just sucks. Could I not celebrate? I mean I want to be engaged in something so I don’t think about her being so far away. It’ll be our first birthday apart. I don’t mean to be so dramatic but after sharing celebrations for 21 years doing 1 year without just seems wrong. I know, eventually she’ll get married and maybe we’ll spend even more years apart. Quite a few I think. Ho-hum.

Focusing on the other sister – her wedding. Which I am eagerly gearing up for especially with the dessert table. So, here’s an excuse to stock up on baking equipment. heh. Not that I haven’t already done so. Obviously some items on the following list are rather OTT but I’ll put them down for kicks anyway.















No. It’s not in order of preference. Rather it’s in order of the presumed price (which may be wrong). But who doesn’t like presents you know you’re gonna use?! Not me! So here’s some things I know I’ll use. For suressss. đŸ˜€