I want to bake. And I don’t mean for free. I mean I want to bake for events. I need occasions to practice first of course. For this reason I need peoples’ birthdays that need cakes. Or a bridal/baby shower. Or an anniversary? Maybe not just 1 cake but a dessert buffet! Sigh. It’s like I know there’s something I want (maybe even need!) to do but I can’t. Who would eat it? I don’t just want to make any cake for any occasion. I want to practice making elaborate cakes for SPECIAL occasions. Have I emphasised that quite enough?? Only then could I possibly consider opening a blog shop that would offer all these services officially.

I walk past places like Dessert Bar, Canele, Da Paolo etc. and I feel jealous. I feel like I’m about to explode. I want to bake macaroons! Decorate fancy cakes. Stack cakes. Whip cream. Separate eggs. Buy decadent ingredients.

Money doesn’t come out of my ears. I can just bake any old day for “fun”. Sure, baking is way fun! But I want my dessert to be appreciated on a special occasion. And it doesn’t do anyone any good to add inches around the middle on a daily basis. Am I asking too much?