So I heard it said that pastry is a baker’s LBD. Well, if that’s the case, then mine has quite a bit of alteration to be done. Sigh. I’m under the influence of Julie and Julia (having just finished watching it) and am sweating it out in the sweltering kitchen trying to make one of my favourite dishes: Pumpkin Pie. Yes, so it’s not thanksgiving and we don’t celebrate it in our home but the sweet and spice and slight ideation of being, well, different, makes this dish…. okay. I’m not really in the mood of talking about food. I’ll take pictures as usual and let them do the talking.

I’m working 2 weekends in a row which is a real bummer, I’ll only get to see Jet once a week. This week it’s supposed Friday but coincidentally Bible Study is on that evening too. I don’t really have a choice do it. I don’t.

Fine, so I’ll be honest. I’d much rather spend a quiet evening alone with Jet than go for bible study. There, I said it. It’s not that I don’t enjoy BS or that I think Jet is more important. And it’s not that I’m always clamouring to spend an epic amount of time with Jet.

I shall just end here.

ps. go look for the photos on FB.


Well, well, well. I’m still here. Been a while and not quite easy.

Dating a medical student is truly trying. Don’t get me wrong, I love Jet, yes I do. And I’m not any worse so having to see him (a whole lot) less than I’d fancy. I find myself trying to occupy myself otherwise and looking earnestly towards the time we do get to spend together alone. But like he says “good things come to those who wait” and, well, absence does make the heart a whole lot fonder! 😀

Work is work as usual. There isn’t anything special or surprising about it really. I’m enjoying the challenges, the prospect of days going by and the friendly banter I always seem to find myself in with my colleagues. The house is pretty quite and empty what with Rebecca in Canada and Mummy in the UK with Granny. I know September has just begun but I’m thoroughly looking forward to Christmas. Oh, I know, there will be many things happening before that like the Mission Trip, my BCLS training, baking a wonderful cake for Faiz and Lin etc. But right now, the prospect of Christmas just seems so appealing to me. ((:

Jet and Sze just celebrated their respective birthdays and I had great fun (and the honour) of baking for them. It’s funny how I don’t have to think about it anymore considering that I was thinking about the whole fiasco everyday for a few weeks. I went through tonnes of recipes, racked my brains for quirky ideas and went shopping a few times. I must have spent over 24hours in total just planning and preparing everything. I’ve never baked so much and for so long my entire life! But you know something? It’s something I actually enjoyed through and through. Yea, so when I was emo about not seeing Jet for almost a week, baking for him seemed kinda pointless. But I kept reminding myself that all that was mainly for his sister. He’ll get his share when he turns 21!

Anyway, I’m going back to my book now. Here are some photos for show. 😀



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It’s funny. I thought I knew what I wanted to do for the rest of my life: nursing. But even now I’m not quite sure. There are so many things I want to do. Nursing is one of them. Then what about childcare? children with special needs? baking? Ultimately I know I want to do something that will (in)directly contribute to missions and evangelism. Something that isn’t all about the money but where I feel that I’m actually making a difference in someone’s life.

I know that choosing a job that provides a stable source of income is the responsible move to make. But honestly? Making money is not first and foremost on my mind. It goes without saying that where God leads I will go and yes, I keep asking him where. Obviously it’s in SGH for the next 2+ years. But that time does go quickly. Then what? Do I seriously want to pursue a degree in nursing? How about baking with nursing on the side? It’s like permutations and combinations. The list seems to extend to no end.

Of course my dislike of desk-bound jobs still stands. Teaching? That’s another thought that has crossed my mind. No, not like Liz where a degree is necessary. Not too keen on that age group either. Er, lower primary? Even kindergarten?

I know, I know. I’m just throwing ideas around. A lot of things can change within 2 years.

Just thinking.

amy. (:

So I did 3 nights in a horrible N95 which left me with horrible skin and an irritated nose. Ended up with a sore throat (all my fault) and an aching body and head. But the reward was great days off. 😀 Spent my sleeping day making pretzel balls!

1st day off relaxing and seeing my better half. 😀

And the 2nd day (today) cleaning, waxing and polishing 2 cars, baking the epic Upsidedown Banana Chocolate Cake and seeing the girls for dinner.

My final day of will be pretty busy. Seeing Nei Nei for lunch, worship practice in the afternoon, BS in the evening and seeing Ali off at night.

That is just an update.

Other things are just far to personal for me to put here.

Byebye. (:

My very first week of Annual Leave. Precious time really. Arranged it to coincide with Jet’s fairly empty schedule before he’s swamped by school. Have friends to meet up with though frankly I must make the effort to meet up with them despite work. So…

  1. Baking with Sopia Loh – Monday PM
  2. Lunch with Jet, Sze and friend – Tuesday PM
  3. Breakfast with Adora and Dan – Wednesday AM
  4. Lunch with Faiz and Mel at SP – Friday PM
  5. Alpha introductory dinner – Friday PM
  6. Nepal meeting – Friday PM
  7. Missions training – Saturday PM
  8. Aunty Liza’s farewell – Sunday PM

And the rest of the time? Reading, running, swimming, baking, cleaning my room and sleeping in! 😀

Ahhhhhhh… it’s a holiday. (:


“Each one should remain in the situation which he was in when God called him.” 1 Corinthians 7:20

I called out to Him and He answered. His answer was in today’s bible reading that I just happened to pick up since I’m doing 3 different books.

C.H. Spurgeon aptly explains the verse by saying:

Beloved, it is not office, it is earnestness; it is not position, it is grace that will enable us to glorify God. God is more surely glorified in that cobbler’s stall, where the godly worker, as he plies the awl, sings of the Saviour’s love; glorified far more than in any prebendal stall where official religiousness performs its scanty duties. The name of Jesus is glorified by the poor unlearned carter as he drives his horse, and blesses his God, or speaks to his fellow laborer by the roadside, as much as by the popular divine who, throughout the country, like Boanerges, is thundering out the gospel. God is glorified by our serving Him in our proper vocations. Take care, dear reader, that you do not forsake the path of duty by leaving your occupation, and take care that you do not dishonour your profession while in it. Think little of yourselves, but do not think too little of your callings. Every lawful trade may be sanctified by the gospel to the noblest ends. Therefore, do not be discontented with your calling. Let your first care be to glorify God to the utmost of your power where you are. Fill your present sphere to His praise, and if He needs you in another He will show it to you. Today, lay aside vexing ambition, and embrace peaceful content.



I’m proud. And right now far from trying to be eloquent. I failed at venepuncture 2 times in a row today. That’s how much I suck. It wasn’t so much that I didn’t manage to get the blood but rather that I caused unecessary pain to someone and failed in front of my colleagues. They’re nice enough to supervise me and choose a great vein and I’m stupid enough to blow it and ruin that one good vein. Don’t even get me started on IV cannulation. Not a single successful attempt in over 2 months. Loser. All I do is cause a patient’s vein to bump and leave them with a huge hematoma. Awesome rubbish.

Then there’s me trying to be more Christ like and love those who are super hard to love. Now you’d think that’s easy in the hospital. Far from it to be true. Give me a good and happy patient and that is easy. But how many of our patients are actually pleasant to be with and happy? Yes, cakes, gifts and compliments are wonderful but I wish going against the norm felt as lovely. I know. I’m obviously doing something terribly wrong. But some patients just don’t get it. It’s as if they’re bent on ruining your life and have absolutely no plan on getting better. ACK!

God! I need to hear you. I need to feel you. I need YOU!! 😦


Hello. Sorry I haven’t updated in months. And by that I mean a proper update. Well, I’m into my 9th week as a staff nurse in SGH and things have been going pretty well thus far. My only concern is keeping joyful no matter what happens and getting all my competencies signed especially IV Cannulation.

Anyway, that is trivial matter compared to the next piece of news. I’m not sure if I should gush here so I’ll keep it simple. There are lots of ways I could say this but I guess the way I like it is – I am Aw Sze Jet’s girlfriend. 😀 haha! It’s been a funny sort of string of events but ultimately that’s all that really matters. I think more people saw it coming than those who are genuinely surprised. ha! Whatever it is, and whoever knew whatever, I am more than pleased/elated/excited about the way things have turned out. I know, some of you will just give me/us a knowing smile and the phrase “honeymoon  period” would be going through your mind. I will not discount that fact but then, like every other relationship (friends, spouse, family etc.) you have that period. I am almost looking forward to the times when we find something to disagree upon. Not that I’m actively searching for it, just that it shows me we’re like everyone else. So far our points of disagreements haven’t been too pivitol so we just look at each other and go “ah-ha! we disagree!”, laugh and then share our differing opinions with one another.

The most refreshing thing about being with him is that he’s leading. He is genuinely concerned for my walk with God and makes it a point that we pray together whenever we get the chance. And when one is at a rather stagnant point in their relationship with God, well, I am thoroughly encouraged and blessed. There’s loads more that I could say (and for those who are genuinely interested you could ask personally) but I think I’ve said enough in this very un-private area of cyberspace! x)


<>< face