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My very first week of Annual Leave. Precious time really. Arranged it to coincide with Jet’s fairly empty schedule before he’s swamped by school. Have friends to meet up with though frankly I must make the effort to meet up with them despite work. So…

  1. Baking with Sopia Loh – Monday PM
  2. Lunch with Jet, Sze and friend – Tuesday PM
  3. Breakfast with Adora and Dan – Wednesday AM
  4. Lunch with Faiz and Mel at SP – Friday PM
  5. Alpha introductory dinner – Friday PM
  6. Nepal meeting – Friday PM
  7. Missions training – Saturday PM
  8. Aunty Liza’s farewell – Sunday PM

And the rest of the time? Reading, running, swimming, baking, cleaning my room and sleeping in! 😀

Ahhhhhhh… it’s a holiday. (: